Wednesday, September 23, 2009

They Wear it Well... (beginning)

I was recently invited back by the gallery that hosted my last show. (they do stipulate that it revolves around cats, which is fine). I coincidentally, heard the same week a very thought provoking podcast from and lastly, I've been down with pnemonia and anemia, so I've been a wee lethargic.

All of these factors and bumping into a large block of carving material that I've been schlepping around my travels and moves for the past 15 years, sparked the idea of doing block prints for this next show. (I can carve anywhere including bed).

At the same time these factors were happening, there was an inside joke circulating about my cat Pinkerton and hoop skirts and Marie Antoinette wigs.

So I am embarking on carving twelve 5x5 inch different pet portraits with the caveat of them in some type of clothing that expresses their particular personality.


Carving is easy, you just go down to the skin and stop”. -Michelangelo


  1. hey there
    thank you for choosing to follow my blog it is always great to see what other artist are up to.
    I really like you lino cuts of the cat especially the one on my right it has suck movement in it very expressive of his/her personality I am guessing?

  2. Thanks for your kind comments and stopping by. Your blog and your work are VERY lovely. I'm looking forward to following your work. Take care.