Monday, October 5, 2009

Whistler, not just a Momma's boy....

The following excerpt is from the wiki page for Whistler:

"...After West Point, Whistler worked as draftsman mapping the entire U.S. coast for military and maritime purposes. He found the work boring and he was frequently late or absent. He spent much of his free time playing billiards and idling about, was always broke, and though a charmer, had little acquaintance with women. After it was discovered that he was drawing sea serpents, mermaids, and whales on the margins of the maps, he was transferred to the etching division of the U. S. Coast Survey. Though he lasted there only two months, he learned etching technique which later proved valuable to his career..."

Sadly, as with most artists that are accomplished etchers and engravers (Durer is another example), Whistler actually made more monies from his print work than from his painting.

I have been focusing more on painters, or wood carvers who are also master printers, because of my relief print project that I'm immersed in at the moment and am taking so much inspiration from these masters.

Who is your inspiration for your current work?


It takes a long time for a man to look like his portrait.”
James Whistler quote

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