Monday, March 16, 2009

Lovely Jake

I always hesitate to say "I've completed this painting". I truly never feel like a work is "completed", I just know with certainty that I need to quit touching it, as I've hit the point where further work will diminish the whole of this work.

If you've been following my blog, then you've seen the graphite drawing of Jake our lovely little female calico cat. The drawing has always been slightly off. Portrait artists always struggle to not turn a 3/4 pose to face front, and in the drawing, I fairly lost that subconscious battle. This current incarnation of this painting nailed the pose, and this is one of those artistic endeavors that just came together almost effortlessly.

Her coloring and the dynamics of her intense stare make this a fun painting to work on as well.

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See you again soon.... go make stuff.


He who dislikes the cat, was in his former life, a rat.-- Chinese Proverb


  1. Love how you got the eyes "right " in this 3/4 pose... very hard to do. She's a beautiful cat!

  2. Thanks :) The nose is what usually vexes me and yes, she is a really lovely little being, I'm lucking to have her as a model.