Thursday, March 5, 2009

Petite Huntress, Reprise....

Wow,  the paintings I've been doing are minimum 16x24" and Jake the Huntress is no exception.  I started this yesterday afternoon and this and viola! It's very close to done.... There is one small correction I want to make and perhaps two more minor layers to the fur texture.  I did a graphite drawing last year from the same photo study and it went very quickly as well.  For some reason, her calico fur is really great fun to do and the intensity of her look is captivating.

As an artist, proportion is always is always tricky and I find that if a subject isn't straight on, I am forever fighting to not unintentionally turn it face on.  You can see this in the graphite drawing in her nose especially.  I got the nose going in the right direction in the pastel and am feeling good about the whole progress of this drawing.

Now if I could learn to crank out a drawing this size every two days... I'd have it made.


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