Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Step one and two and three...

I really love and appreciate the negative space and foreshortened view of HRH Bailey in this pose.  

As you can see after I have the perfect study pose, I print it out in b/w so that I'm working with the most fundamental information possible.  I want to try to nail the pose and perspective right.  The paint is where the details will come in.

For my show, I'm laying pastel over watercolor on stretched canvas.... so, after the basic placement sketch on the canvas, I wash in boldly with watercolor paint in the basic colors I want.  His eyes were still wet, so I haven't gotten to his coat today.  That will be for tomorrow.

See you again soon, I'm getting very energized for the show and in addition to finalizing work, I'm also doing several things in the office/business end of things, such as press releases etc... 



  1. I love your works! Waiting for the continuation of this painting!;)

  2. Thanks for so much and thanks for stopping by my blog ...