Sunday, April 26, 2009


One of my favorite quotes, from out of the ether is....

"Art is never complete, merely abandoned".... not sure who said it but I am working on this body of paintings all hanging around the perimeter of my studio at the moment, and I just revisited the painting from my last post.  I changed the color of the background a bit (and used a yellow ochre metalic pastel).  I also touched up the feet a bit... could hear my college art professor, Pam Johnson, in the back of my head saying, "Make it sit DOW-ON! on the paper.

Bailey can't sit any more DOW-ON, in this composition..... And I think I'm happy with it, for today any way.  

You can see a gallery of my work, and also see the "set" for the show at (if you only wish to see the paintings in the show, click on the sets link at the top left of the page)


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  1. Not remotely an expert in the ways of yellow ocre metallic pastels, but I can see Bailey pops more in this version. Truly amazing what a difference a detail like that can make.

    I've heard J. Michael Straczynski say that phrase, and seem to recall Loki the Talking Cat saying something similar, but was it originally Leonardo DaVinci, perhaps?