Sunday, June 14, 2009

Contagious Client Enthusiasm....

I found the past week that after the ramp up to the show, and the great turnout for the show, that I was going thru "post-show blues."

I do have several commissions lined up and one is due and I am completing the work. I emailed the client to ask if I can hang the work and look at it for a couple of week. It gives me a chance to step back and observe the work. Sometimes I find small things to rework and others I just enjoy the work.

The response I got in my email box was positively jubilant. She explained how excited she was and also how much she'd been talking about me and the portrait of her dog Buck, and as I read how excited she was for the work and my art, I found that my blues were lifting and her enthusiasm for the work transferred to me.

Not only was one email from an excited client a great way to shake off the blues, but it put creative wind back in my sails.... If you are an art lover, please send an email to an artist that you really enjoy and let them know. Even if you aren't a patron, there is no better feeling (for me at least) to have people I don't know give me positive feedback about my work... (and thank you to all of you that have done that).


Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.
Bo Bennett

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