Thursday, June 25, 2009

Going back to the start...

Everyone has a teacher that touched their lives.  For me it was my first Art teacher, Mr. Downy.   I'm not entirely certain I would be on my current path, were it not for the start he gave me.

I hear him still in my head: "A great artwork has shadows that go to black and highlights that got all the way to pure white and all values in between.  THAT is what makes it interesting."

I'm currently in a post show funk and in spite of that, I'm still working (albeit a bit slower than usual).  That being said, this photo fascinated me for the black BLACKS and the WHITE highlights.  I'm not discussing the obvious jacket and hair, note the models lips, the WHITE highlight and the deep pure black of the crease where the lips meet.  So I'm off to start a detailed pencil drawing of this portrait.

What are you roots?


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