Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ilya and Olga...

Ilya Repin is, in my opinion, one the the greatest painters ever...

He was a master of color, composition, theme, expresion and I could go on and on. I have mentioned before and I will probably say again, find the artists that you love and aspire to be, and study and emulate their art. If you can go to the museum and study it and make sketches of their work in person, so much the better.

You can see Ilya's work (and most other artists) at Olga's Gallery online at http://www.abcgallery.com/R/repin/repin.html Very detailed site, a bit rough around the design edges, but great content.


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  1. Primate had furgotten this artist existed until you brings him up! She remembers mostly hao naturally and full ov character everyone poses, even fur portraits.

    Iz not just the same 3/4 view with noo heads.


  2. I agree AND I love how many of his paintings are action packed and drama filled. (i.e., the painting where Ivan the Terrible accidently kills his son-title escapes me at the moment)

  3. agreed, I'll be able to see much of his work before years end!

  4. I am filled with more envy than you can know.