Saturday, February 14, 2009

Contrasts in Seasons, Contrasts in Colors....

I was approached recently by the Cat Hospital of Portland to do a show in their clinic, which I've been dilegently working on since the invitation. Right now, I've started a quartet based on the seasons and just completed "Spring: A Stranger in the Garden".

I am now working on what is tentively called, "Winter: The Abominable Snow Bubba", but will most likely be titled something slightly more dignified. (see photo study). The Background is evolving into an amazing teal and navy colored forest that really makes Bubba's buff colored fur "POP".
Pam Johnson, one of my most cherished college art instructors took us outside one bright day and had us place a turquoise piece of paper on fucsia paper, and had us stare at it for quite a long time, and then proceeded to explain to us how we would never need to do drugs, because as artists, we looked at the world thru unique eyes. And how one could stand in the shower at certian times of day and get high off the refracted light shining through the water droplets. Now, I'm not so sure that I'd take any of my artistic observational skills quite that far; however, I did learn the power of contrasting colors and how to manipulate lights and darks, brights and subtle shadings with color contrast and the manipulation of shades and hues.
I learned many things about color and value, perspective and how to truly see from Ms. Johnson.
So when you are going through your day, look at the shadows of every day objects and REALLY see what color the shadow is.
Be inspired

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