Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The other Loki....

This pastel painting is the "other Loki" as I follow a great blog, twitter and page by Loki, of OCB, is a hoot and does a great podcast, and his owner makes really charming animinis on (the cool thing is both Loki's are orange cats).

The Loki in this portrait is, ahem, my daughters cat. (I have been told that if the cat is in your sole posession for over 3 years, your child lives 10 hours away in another state, and you've paid over $800 in veterinary bills for the cat, then it is YOUR cat--I will let you decide that issue for yourselves).

This was my very first foray into pastel painting. And as you can see I have a freer more energetic line as this was intended to only be a "sketch" and a test for how the pastels handled and how the paper took the line and pigment.

Building on my prior blog posts, I was very happy with the energy and the way I expressed the severe contrast of light and shadow in this work. And again with the yellow/oranges the contrast would be the blues and turquoises. I love the "zing" of a great contrast.


“Where there is much light, the shadow is deep”--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


  1. I luvs hao you manages 2B soft and dynamic at the same time. Iz reelee extraordinaree.

    Says o hai to Loki frum Loki! :D

  2. hugs and blush and slip you treetzez when yur hoomanz not watching... ;)