Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Winter in progress (another peek behind the curtain)

Good morning everyone. I've been fighting some sort of germ-ish crud, so I did miss a blog post and a day of art. Back in the studio today and working on two versions of Buck, the black poodle for my client, working on Summer and Winter for the quad for the show in May, and going to lay out another painting, so today should be tremendously productive.

Hopefully, you can look beyond the odd colors and see the techniques that I've discussed in prior blog posts. (I know the painting has made the turn towards completion when it looks vaguely messy like this. I am close now to laying in the finer details that will make it "POP" and come alive".)

Sherman (Bubba to his friends), is a very quiet, Zen-like soul. He is very mellow and nonplussed about much of anything. And I'm working at conveying his personality in this painting. Most folks see him and are either put off or are afraid or intimidated by him due to his deformed Exotic face. But after spending time with him, they are always charmed by him and how he's just "there".

In Feng Shai terms he is the rock the grounds our household.

The day that we took him outside, he didn't hate it and he has the coat for winter, so he wasn't environmentally uncomfortable either. He was curious and slightly intrigued by the whole thing, hence his leaning into the experience. He wasn't totally thrilled with the snow in his head but as long as it stayed frozen and wasn't water, he was ok with that too.

So, now you've seen it in progress and I intend to have it competed this week for you to review.

Go do good things.


"For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream." ~van Gogh

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